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We are proud to be an Ace Boat Lift dealer. Our docks with boat lifts add beauty, convenience, security, and peace of mind to your lakefront living. We build carpeted custom adjustable gunwale guides to help guide your boat into the hoist.
We also build carpeted custom pontoon bunks to safely lift your pontoon boat out of the water.
Most of our customers have their boats winterized in the slip for winter storage no more transporting and storage hassles and expenses.


Boat lift under roof with
carpeted custom adjustable gunwale guides.


Double boat station with two boat lifts and hip-style roof.


Carpeted custom special
bottom bunks for a pontoon boat.


Ace Elevert lift works off 2 pilings and we added a temporary hoist canopy frame for seasonal coverage of the boat.


Built with superior materials and components at competitive prices, every ACE lift is made of high grade, hot dip galvanized steel and rust resistant fittings. ACE hoists are tried and true designs, engineered, thoroughly tested to manufacturer specifications.  The ACE Verti-Lift the most popular lift and mounts to free standing pilings, as does the 4 Piling Hoist. The ACE Boat House Cradle is an easily adaptable lift system which makes it a popular choice for a wide variety of configurations. Ace Personal Watercraft Cradles can be piling, dock or seawall mounted and can accommodates Personal Watercraft and Jet Boats up to 1,500 pounds.



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